Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Q&A with lolojane!

1). Lolojane is such a cool, catchy name. Please tell us the story behind it.
My full name is Laurel Jane Lydecker. When my little sister was a baby, she could not say Laurel, so she called me lolo instead. So, my parents thought it was cute, and started calling me lolo or lolojane. Friends heard this and caught on, calling me lolo, so it just became my nickname. When I started my jewelry line, I wanted to name it something other than my proper name, but still have it be a part of me.

2). What I love about your pieces, is that if I saw someone on the street wearing a bracelet you designed, I would know right away that it’s a lolojane. Where do you find your inspiration?
The designs stem from nature. I've always loved being outside. I feel it kind of came to me one day, I started to play with wire, cutting pieces and forming them, when I realized what I was making reminded me of veins in a leaf, or a tree branch ... I just kept going in that direction until I liked what I saw, then soldered the pieces together.

3). You live in Baltimore. (I graduated from Towson, too!) How do you think the craft scene in DC rivals with the craft scene in Baltimore?
I think DC obviously has a lot to offer crafters and artists alike, which is why I wanted to come to the Ballston Arts & Crafts Market. I love Baltimore! We have a lot of great shows, festivals and very talented people up here. Every year I meet new people and make more connections. It just keeps getting better :)

4). What three words would you use to describe your craft?
clean, modern, elegant

5). I read on your website that you actually studied jewelry and metalsmithing. Do you have a full-time job in the jewelry industry?
I've worked the past six years in the fine jewelry industry. I started as an intern, working as a bench jeweler. After I graduated, I became a jeweler full time. I learned how to work with gold and platinum, create custom pieces, and repair jewelry as well. It was a great experience, as a student I was very intimidated by gold and precious stones, working at the bench has given me more confidence as a jeweler. I found I love working in gold and I'd love to create my own 18kt line!

Extra-geeky bonus question: Quick! What’s in your pockets right now?
Oh no--I'm wearing yoga pants! :) I will tell you I usually have a Chapstick or lip gloss close at hand. It's silly but I hate chapped lips.

Check out lolojane's beautiful jewelry collection in person on October 10th at Booth #3!

Monday, September 28, 2009

Inedible Jewelry's Cookbook!

Our congrats go out to Jessica & Susan Partain from Inedible Jewelry. Did you know that not only are these gals super-talented artists, they are now super-talented authors, too?

Their brand-new Random House book, Polymer Clay Cookbook: Tiny Food Jewelry to Whip Up and Wear, hits the shelves October 20th, but we'll have them before that all day at the Ballston Arts & Crafts Market, October 10th!

Chat with them about their awesome new book, buy some cool Inedible Jewelry, and then, hang around because at 2:30 the gals will hold a free demo on How to Make Candy Corn Earrings--just in time for Halloween.

Remember, this is the last Market of the season, so get some Holiday shopping done early!

Saturday, September 26, 2009

Clarendon Day is finally here! Yah! Come out and support the Clizzle-Dizzle! I'll be there with my piggies. And a bunch of different artists from the Ballston A&C Market will be there, too--like BluGrn Designs, Yellin' Moon, Debra Kasunic and many more super-talented folks.
Plus, there will be music, kid's activites and plenty of yummy food. It's kinda a big deal around here.

Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Back to Autumn

Florida was very nice, but it's great to be back home where we actually have seasons. And speaking of seasons, Autumn is my favorite. So, I hope you guys are looking forward to all of the Fall crafts shows this year, especially the Ballston Arts & Crafts Market on October 10th!
Our last show of the season (sniff! sniff!) will feature some of the best of the best, including Poppi, Phil Barbato, lolojane, Melissa Lew Bradford, Inedible Jewelry, bLuGrn Designs, Waylan House, and that's just the beginning.

Stay tuned!

Saturday, September 19, 2009

Boca! Boca!

Guess where I'm at? I'm visiting my Dad and his girlfriend in Boca Raton, Florida--where the tans may be real, but everything else is fake. Oh, I kid. Kind of.

I'll be back Monday or Tuesday with some updates!

Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Found Glasses

A pair of really cute glasses were turned into me on Saturday. If anyone thinks they may be theirs, please email me at jblaszczak@ballstonvasquare.org. I would love to find their owners! Thanks!

Monday, September 14, 2009

September Market Pics!

Another great show under our crafty belts. I know there was a lot going on in the District last Saturday, so thanks goes out to everyone who made it down to the square. Wanna see some Market shots? Of course you do. Ch... ch... check em out!

Just beautiful imoM

High-end jewelry at its best by Jule's Jewels

This is my personal fave, Bette's Bags

Pendants for every personality, right Creative Art & Soul?

Are you ready for Fall? Ninnycat's crochet hats are!

Kitchen Table Studios cleaned up this month with their clever (and cool!) vintage rings

This was Owen's first market! This was Meghan's (Sydney Hale) fourth!

Laughing Moon Artwork most original coasters

Gaze into Reinvented Elegance's Mosaic ball--I dare you

Dogs, bears, sloths-in-a-box

Natural Beauty Bijoux's creative and colorful creations

Just ducky, Arden Jewelry Design

Sunday, September 13, 2009

Adam's Morgan Day!

Ah, another great market under our belts. Thanks for everyone who came out to say hi and buy some really special artwork. But, don't let your craft shopping stop here. It's a beautiful day out! Spend some more time outside at Adams Morgan Day.

And, while you're there, be sure to stop by our friend's booth, Kristina Bilonick Studios. (Your Washingtonian aticle didn't get by us!) She creates amazing screenprined tees and blazers. Her stuff is outstanding! And she'll be at the Ballston A&C Market October 10th, too.

Saturday, September 12, 2009

Hope yesterday's dreariness didn't scare you. Today's forecast: Some clouds this morning will give way to generally sunny skies for the afternoon. High near 75F. Cant' beat that ...

Come visit us at the Market!

Friday, September 11, 2009

Q&A with Arden Jewelry Design!

1). Please tell us a little bit about yourself and your craft. What sets you apart from other jewelry-makers?
Basically, what sets Arden Jewelry Design apart is how we balance cost, quality, artistry and fashion. I want you to be able to wear a one-of-a-kind piece of jewelry that is classic, will last you a while, and won't break the bank in buying it.

2). I notice you use a lot of natural stones in your designs, such as jade, quartz and onyx. Is there a particular stone you enjoy working with the best?
Wow, that is a hard question. I really like the look of carnelian, but I've had a lot of fun making pieces for my own use. I guess if I had to choose, I would say quartz, because of its texture and the different looks it can take depending on the cut and the stones it is paired with. My favorite pieces are definitely those that combine different chips together. It's so much fun creating pairings and the overall impact these necklaces make is amazing!

3). What three words would you use to describe your craft?
Only three words ... Seriously, I'd have to say unique, fun, and craftsmanship.

4). What inspires you when you are designing?
I find so much inspiration in the stones themselves. A new color combination will strike my eye, or I'll find a particular shape or faceting interesting. Versatility is important to me personally in jewelry, so I stride to design pieces that work well with different outfits and in different settings. My quartz necklaces are fabulous like this; I wear mine all the time with jeans or with a simple dress, but I've also worn it to black-tie events! It looks amazing in both ways.

5). Where can we find your craft outside the Ballston Arts & Crafts Market?
You can always find me at my Esty shop, ardenjewelrydesign.etsy.com, or my website, ardenjewelrydesign.com. You can also become a fan on Facebook. In person, you can find me next at First Sunday Annapolis on October 4th. I'm currently working on our winter and holiday shows, which will be posted on our site and on Facebook once they are finalized. I'm based here in NoVa, so most of our shows are in the DC area.

Extra-bonus question: Quick! What’s in your pockets right now?
I'm wearing a skirt without pockets, so nothing! And if I tell you everything that's in my purse we'll be here forever. I am a bit of a gadget freak though, so I'm never far from my cell phone or my iPod.

Find Arden Jewelry Design at the Ballston A&C Market tomorrow at Booth #29!

Thursday, September 10, 2009

The Map!

Only two more days until the Market. I can't wait! Here is the map for all you folks looking to find your favorite artist.

Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Clarendon Day

If you live in or around the Clarendon area, no doubt you have heard of Clarendon Day, right? Well, did you know that they are still accepting crafters to join them on September 26th? Here's the deets:

Arlington's Biggest Street Party!

Clarendon Day features cuisine from local restaurants, music from local bands, and handcrafted art from the area’s best artists and crafters.

Check out the:
- Live Music on 2 Stages
- Food Booths
- Art Vendors
- Belly Dance Performances
- Skateboarding Demos
- Electric Cars
- Clarendon Kid's Carnival
- Kinderhaus Kid's Stage

Clarendon Day is still accepting artists and crafters. Please visit http://www.clarendon.org/home.html or contact Susan Anderson at (703) 812-8881 for more information.

Yep. And I'll be there hocking the piggy banks, so why not come join me? I'm sure it will be a blast!

Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Reach Out

So, when I'm not working on the Market and my piggies, I love to paint (not very well!). Here is the first in a series I am working on--the Dichotomy of Good and Evil. Gawd, that sounds pretentious, doesn't it?!Just thought I'd share ...

Sunday, September 6, 2009

Market this Saturday - September 12th!

With September comes the last days of summer and the first days of fall. So, even though autumn doesn’t officially start until the 22nd, let’s celebrate the change of seasons a little early at the Ballston Arts & Crafts Market this Saturday!

And, as usual, we have a colorful ad running in the print edition of the City Paper and an online ad running all week on the City Paper Online. Plus, we have event listings in Yelp, Yahoo Upcoming Events, and online community calendars all over the place! In the meantime, be sure to keep sending those emails and newsletters to all of your lists, posting about the Market on your sites/blogs and distributing the postcards and posters.

And, remember, we have also created a public Facebook event page, so all you Facebook-users, feel free to 'invite-away' using that, too.

Tweet me at the Market!

Q&A with Bette's Bags

1). Bette’s Bags is a family business with your daughter, Maggie, correct? Please tell us how it all began.
Actually, we are now more than a mother/daughter team. Dad (has been there since the first show) and Stew (Maggie's fiancee) are our roadies. They help us lift, carry and set up our tent and in return all we have to do is buy them lunch and dinner. Bette's Bags began as a joke really. Maggie purchased a very expensive designer bag and before she left the mall she saw another woman carrying the exact same bag. To tease Maggie, I made her a "One of a Kind" bag. She liked it and used it; friends and co-workers commented on it and wanted one of their own. We made several bags as "gifts.” After hearing from friends and family things like, "you two should start your own business,” “where do you sell your bag,” “do you have a website” and “how can I get you to make one for myself?".

In September 2007 we set up our first space at the Arlington Court House Market (renamed Arlington’s Urban Village Market at Court House). Maggie lived and worked in the area at the time and was very familiar with that market. We were so happy and very surprised at how well did at our first show. We continued at that market until it got too cold then spent that winter making bags in preparation for the following spring. And the rest, as they say, is history.

2). I tried to pick a favorite bag, but I can’t! You have too many beautiful designs? Do you have a favorite bag style—something you enjoy making the most?
We can both honestly say that EVERY NEW bag we make immediately becomes our new favorite. We actually have to plan on making ones for ourselves and NOT allow ourselves to keep each one that we make.

3). You’re an animal-lover, like me! Have you ever considered expanding into little dog carriers or even poo bag bags?
Oh my ... we are animal lovers aren't we! Although we have never considered making any "pet-specific" bags, several of our customers have purchased our tote bags for their pets needs. We have such a hard time making all of the bags and knitted accessories that we try not to add any additional products to our line.

4). What three words would you use to describe your craft?
Unique, Modern, Quality

5). Where can we find your craft outside the Ballston Arts & Crafts Market?
The first place to look is our website, http://www.bettesbags.com/, which lists all shows and markets for the upcoming fall and winter season. (People who sign up to receive our newsletters and get coupons before each show.) We will be at the brand-new Fenton Street Market on October 3rd, DC Mafia's Holiday Heist on November 21st and our Bette's Bags Etsy Shop. We hope to add more throughout the coming weeks.

Bonus question: Quick! What’s in your pockets right now?
A leather thimble, paper clip and ink pen … so McGyver!

Find Bette's Bags in their usual spot, Booth #30, September 12th & October 10th!

Friday, September 4, 2009

Ready for some new artists? Well, then check out the colorful and creative designs of Ballston A&C newbie, Alexandra McNair. From bracelets to necklaces, skirts to capris, Alexandra designs them all.

My fave are her designer jeans. Made with vintage fabrics, these denim designs would make a unique addition to your (and my!) wardrobe.

Meet the artist and see her fashion collection in person September 12th at the Ballston A&C Market. Then, you can say you own an original Alexandra McNair!