Monday, July 30, 2012

Twisted Oak Press - August 11

I love fairies. And castles. And gnomes. And elves. And just about everything magical. Yep. Love it all. I admit it proudly. Maybe that's why I am so drawn to Twisted Oak Press.

Deep within artist's Dean Kahta's enchanted forests and mystical hills, you will discover worlds of both darkness and light. Take a moment to explore the many strange and magical illustrations he's created using colored pencil, ink, charcoal, oil and plain old pencil. Whether you like colorful castles, abstract designs, or dark fairy-tale imagery, you'll find something that amazes you.

So, be amazed with Twisted Oak Press when they exhibit on Saturday, August 11th!

Friday, July 27, 2012

August 11 Sneak Peak

The August 11th Ballston Arts Market is only two weeks away and will be here before you know it! Wanna sneak-peak at some of the awesome artisans we have lined up for the next show? Well, why not! And don't forget, visit the market and you can WIN a $250 basket of artisan goodies!


Dos Borreguitas

Claymonster Pottery

Jon Wye

Peace, Baby! Batiks

Nikdapooh Designs

Red & Main

RedStar East

Maple Creek Designs

Sharp Shirter

April Alayne


U.S. Wood Toys

Sweet Sally's Soaps

Come support your local artists and have some fun at the next Ballston Arts Market on August 11th!

Thursday, July 26, 2012

Jem.Lew Teams Up with Stymie Canine Cancer Foundation

Ya know, speaking about Melissa Lew, did you know she is working on a new project called, Jem.Lew: the love project? And now they are teaming up with Stymie Canine Cancer Foundation (based in Aurora, CO) to raise money to help the victims and families affected by the Aurora mass tragedy.

50% of all purchases will be donated to the Colorado Organization for Victim Assistance (COVA) who has been tasked with coordinating donations by the Aurora Police Department.

Please support the Aurora community by purchasing and wearing our symbol of love and unity.

Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Melissa Lew - August 11

Now this is reason to celebrate. The incredible wearable art of Melissa Lew returns to Welburn Square on Saturday, August 11th!

Melissa is well known for her beautiful Asian-inspired PMC (precious metal clay) jewelry, each piece on its own, a fine work of art. From peaceful koi fish to intricately designed cherry blossoms, Melissa's jewelry speaks volumes about her talent and eye for detailed beauty.

You won't know whether to display it, or wear it. So, my guess is you'll end up doing both! Visit Melissa at the next Ballston Arts Market on Saturday, August 11th at her regular spot, Booth #33.

Tuesday, July 24, 2012

SCARP-DC - August 11

SCRAP (School & Community Reuse Action Project) is a non-profit organization that inspires creative reuse and environmentally sustainable behavior by providing education programs and affordable materials to the community.

The SCRAP Creative Reuse Center combines a retail shop offering an ever-changing variety of materials suitable for art, craft and school use with a public workshop room, inspirational ideas and instruction.

Check out SCRAP DC for yourself at the next Ballston Arts Market on Saturday, August 11th!

Monday, July 23, 2012

RedStar East Returns August 11th!

RedStar East returns! If you love plushies and all things cute, you will LOVE RedStar East!

RedStar East makes cute little things by turning their drawings into plushies, accessories and clothes.  Artist, Anne Marie Chua Lee's goal is to make you giggle, squeal and/or smile with her artwork.

Mission accomplished, Anne Marie!  Check out RedStar East's adorable plush creastions, zipper pulls & charm necklaces at the next Ballston Arts Market on Saturday, August 11th!

Friday, July 20, 2012

Dos Borreguitas - August 11th!

Dos Borreguitas (Two Little Lambs) offers traditional bilingual and bicultural goodies for babies and kids. Their aim is to provide a complete collection of unique and traditional Latino gifts, including onesies in Spanish and toddler t-shirts.

And here's little Griffin modeling his very own Dos Borreguitas tee. Get your own Spanglish apparel at the next Ballston Arts Market on August 11th!

Wednesday, July 18, 2012

WINNER of July's $250 Raffle!

We have a wiener ... I mean WINNER! Congratulations, Susan Webb! You are the winner of the $250 Artisan Gift Bag for July.

Stuffed with goodies from our talented artists, YOU can win an amazing gift bag, just like Susan. All you have to do is visit us at the next Market on Saturday, August 11th and register for FREE to win another $250 raffle prize!

Congrats, again Susan. And thank you for supporting our handmade market!

Yippee! Sharp Shirter returns (finally!) to the Ballston Arts Market in August and I'm super-excited to see Dan and all of his new creations.

Pullovers, dresses, hoodies and more, Sharp Shirter was founded by Dan Lachman in 2004, the same year his dad told him to stop playing videogames and do something productive with his summer. What started as a way to keep his father off his back has now blossomed into an expansive company that offers much more than just t-shirts.

Pick up one of Sharp Shirter brand-new designs at the next Ballston Arts Market on August 11th.

Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Sunshine from Sara - August 11th

If you are looking for pretty greeting cards with the hand-crafted touch, look no further than Sunshine from Sara.

Artist, Sara Rice's cards are intended to delight, comfort, charm and inspire the people who receive them. Her cards are crafted with quality cardstock, ribbons, beads, buttons, grommets and other 3-D embellishments so you know you are getting the best handmade cards out there.

See for yourself when Sunshine for Sara exhibits at the next market on Saturday, August 11th. 

Monday, July 16, 2012

Saturday's Market Wrap Up!

Well, another month's show has come and gone -- and this one with amazing results, as usual. We were a little nervous early in the am, but once again, Mother Nature blessed us with a beautiful, sunny day. And, Ballston was out celebrating the warm weather!

Thank you, as always, to the many talented artists, the loyal visitors and wonderful supporters. And special thanks to YELP and their Pin the Mustache on the Hipster! Without you all, our sweet community market would never be possible. We simply have the best artists in the area, hands down. Now, please. Go out and spread the word.  And, check out some photos from the July 14 Market.

Becca Kallem's original, adorable illustrations

Ashleybug cleaned up with her organic bibs

 Pin the mustache on the hipster with Yelp!

Herban Lifestyle's brand-new packaging is crisp and colorful

Holland Cox continues to wow us with her handmade bags

Reinvented Elegance is back with their sparklies

Refined Creations famous leather & silver bands

Pillow happiness by Naked Decor

Gorgeous handcrafted scarves by The Scarf Ladies

Stunning handcut designs by Cirello

Cuddly (sort of!) monsters courtesy of Claymonster Pottery

Ribbony goodness by Froggy Pants Creations

BoxBoy Decoupage Mexican Skullery

Music by Folsom Prioners

Fast Snail was busy all day!

Hoopin' happiness with

Visit us again at the next show on Saturday, August 11th!

Friday, July 13, 2012

Ballston Arts Market is TODAY!

The Ballston Arts Market is TODAY! I can't believe it. And it's gonna be a wonderful day full of fun, free stuff, music and crafts!

So, get on over to the Ballston Arts Market celebration from 10am - 4 pm! We'll have:

  • FREE Raffle to win a $250 artisan gift basket
  • FREE swag fromYelp NOVA
  • FREE hula hoop demos by
  • FREE live music from noon - 2pm  
  • The Big Cheese Truck for lunch  
And let's see ... what else. Oh, yah. Only the best local art around - 35 artisans all in one place displaying and selling their hand-crafted goodies. Come support your own LOCAL artists TODAY, July 14th at Arlington's ONLY 100% handmade Market - The Ballston Arts Market.

Thursday, July 12, 2012

Exhibitor Map - THIS Saturday, July 14th!

Yippee! Yay! Hooray! Woot!
Holy craft. I can't believe the Ballston Arts Market is this Saturday! Check out the map for the awesome artisans we have lined up for July 14! See where your favorites will be exhibiting.

1). Herban Lifestyle
2). Holland Cox
3). Ashelybug
5). Naked Decor
6). Reinvented Elegance
7). Jillory
8). House of Reboot
9). Tsai-fi
10). Fast Snail
12). Refined Creations / Cirello
13). Froggy Pants Creations
14). Claymonster Pottery
15). Kosmoceratops - Art Squared
16). April Alayne
17). Jon Wye
18). Jewelry Link
19). BoxBoy Demented Decoupage
20). UglyKittyRedeux
21). Surprise!
22). The Twisted Cow
23). Diversion Designs
24). The Scarf Ladies
25). Saeeda' Blooming Flowers
26). NewGeorgiaClaywork
27). Genevieve Lalle
28). Alison Lange Photography
29). One Room Fibers
30). Bette's Bags
31). Maki Uchida Design
32). Becca Kallem Illustration / Duck Drake Studio
33). Melissa Lew
34). Yelp!


Wednesday, July 11, 2012

NewGeorgiaClaywork - July 14th!

Al Pennenberg, from NewGeorgiaClaywork has been working with clay since he was a baby. Over the years he has been in and out of the mud. He has worked on the wheel for many years, but has moved to hand-building for the last decade.

You will find amazingly crafted boxes, cookie jars, pitchers, plates, keepsakes and other imaginative creations by NewGeorgiaClaywork in Booth #26 at the Ballston Arts Market THIS SATURDAY, July 14th.

Tuesday, July 10, 2012

This Saturday's Market - July 14th

Holy craft! The July 14th Ballston A&C Market is THIS SATURDAY! Wanna take another sneak-peak at some of the awesome artisans we have lined up? And don't forget, visit the market and you can win a $250 basket of artisan goodies! 

Holland Cox

Becca Kallem Illustration

Claymonster Pottery

Refined Creations

Herban Lifestyle

The Scarf Ladies


Reinvented Elegance

Froggy Pants Creative

April Aylane

Jon Wye

Maki Udicha

I'll be getting the Exhibitor Map up soon, so keep checking back. See you Saturday, July 14th!