Friday, June 29, 2012

April Alayne Returns - July 14th!

Great news, craft-lovers! Market favorite April Alayne returns to the next show on July 14th with more of her handmade jewelry designs, original illustrations, antler artwork & embroidery hoop art!

From delicate foxes to lacy narwhals, April can draw it all - and place it on goodies you have to have!

Catch April Alayne at the Market on Saturday, July 14th!

The Big Cheese Food Truck - July 14th!

Yay! The Big Cheese Food Truck is stopping by the Market on July 14th with a bunch of yummy goodies for shoppers to enjoy.

The Big Cheese uses only the best ingredients from the best people they know: cheese from Cowgirl Creamery, bread from Lyons Bakery, sweets from Whisked and chips from Route 11. Plus, homemade soup to boot!

Feel like a kid again with grown-up grilled cheese sandwiches at the Ballston A&C Market om Saturday, July 14th!

Thursday, June 28, 2012

Twisted Cow - July 14th!

Have a dog with a unique personality? Who doesn't? Well, now's the time to find a collar and leash set to fit that special pup in your life.

The Twisted Cow offers a line of pet and coordinating pet-parent products that are a joy to wear and breath of fresh air.  Funky, fun and fabulous ... that's you and your dog!

Catch The Twisted Cow at the next Ballston A&C Market on July 14th!

Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Hot Days of Summer

So, I've decided to get my Mom on tonight and write a little something about the hot weather this weekend.  For all of you who have shows this Saturday or Sunday, did you know they are forecasting the heat to hit 100 degrees in the DC Metro area? Yikes. 100 degrees!

So, please remember to bring the appropriate necessities on these hots days. Keep in mind, not all shows offer free water, so bring plenty of bottled liquids AND ice with you. Oh! And, have you seen these portable, battery operated fans? Inexpensive and pretty cool, they may be helpful in a heat wave, too!

Just play it safe folks and the heat will be more manageable.

FREE Hula Hoop Demos with on July 14th

Are you a hula-hoop enthusiast? Or maybe you have always wanted to learn how to spin a hoop, but no one was around to show you how.

Well, I have some great news for you!  Hula-hoop makers and masters, returns to the Market all day, Saturday, July 14th, with their handmade Kaleidoscopic hoops.

Plus, they will be holding FREE hoop demos throughout the day, too, so people can walk away with some tips and tricks.

 So, if you're a hooper or always wanted to become one, check out the next Ballston A&C Market on, July 14th.

Tuesday, June 26, 2012

UglyKittyRedeux - July 14th!

Recycled. Reclaimed. Reused.

UglyKittyRedeux's jewelry (for both men & women!) are simple, creative and wonderfully up-cycled! Using security envelopes received in the mail, artist, Renee  Lavinky, creates one-of-a-kind earrings, cufflinks, rings and much more!

Check out her eco-friendly designs at the next Ballston A&C Market on Saturday, July 14th.

Monday, June 25, 2012

FREE $250 Raffle Prize!

Hey! Want this awesome tote full of crafty goodies? All you have to do is visit the Ballston A&C Market on Saturday, July 14th and register for FREE to win this amazing prize worth $250! That's it. Easy. Fun. What have you got to loose?

<---------- FREE RAFFLE PRIZE - JULY 14 

July 14th - Sneak Peak!

The July 14th Ballston A&C Market is only two weeks away and will be here before you know it! Wanna sneak-peak at some of the awesome artisans we have lined up for the next show? Well, why not! And don't forget, visit the market and you can win a $250 basket of artisan goodies!

Becca Kallem 

Herban Lifestyle

House of Reboot

Duck Drake Studio

April Alayne


Ashleybug Organics

DCR Studio

Maki Uchida

Alison Lange Photography

Red & Main

Refined Creations

So, whadya think? Pretty cool, right? Join us at the next Ballston A&C Market on Saturday, July 14th! 

Friday, June 22, 2012

Froggy Pants Creations - July 14th!

Ribbon belts. Ribbon headbands. Ribbon hair clips. Ribbon keychains. Ribbon everything!

You name it, Froggy Pants Creations makes it - out of beautiful jaquard ribbon. From pink flamingos and cupcakes to sailboats and custom designs, Froggy Pants will outfit your little girl with designs she is sure to love. And, you will, too!

Catch Froggy Pants and all of their adorableness at the Ballston A&C Market on Saturday, July 14th.

Thursday, June 21, 2012

Holland Cox Returns - July 14th!

The bright colors, the vivid patterns -- Yep. Holland Cox returns to the Ballston A&C Market on July 14th with an entire new line of stunning handbags and more!

And did you know that every handbag at Holland Cox is carefully handcrafted by designer Valerie Williams from her original patterns? Each and every one is limited edition, so there will never be more than three of any colorway!

You won't see Holland Cox handbags being carried by everyone. Only those who know why handmade is better than mass-produced, and why personal style is better than being trendy will sport a Holland Cox.  And handbags aren't the only thing Valerie is known for. Check out the Holland Cox collection for more fashionista shopping.

Then, see the work in person at the next Ballston A&C Market on Saturday, July 14th.

Tuesday, June 19, 2012

DRC Studio Art - July 14th!

If you are anything like me, you devote hours and hours into making your outside space beautiful. Well, now all you have to do to make your yard unique is purchase copper artwork by DRC Studio and whalah! Instant gorgeous outdoor space your neighbors will be envious of! :)

Artist, Ed Sharp has been working with metals for 15 years, working mostly with copper, brass and bronze.  He can create almost anything from a variety of mobiles to a large range of fountains. His works have appeared in a number of publications, including American Style Magazine. Plus, he was the subject of a PBS documentary! How cool is that?!

Get your own original work of art by DRC Studio Art at the next Ballston A&C Market on Saturday, July 14th!

Monday, June 18, 2012

Win a $250 Basket of Amazing Crafts!!

This is exciting, folks! Every month, the Ballston A&C Market will raffle off a basket (worth $250!) of awesome crafts. Yep. Every month from now until October. One lucky person will win a big basket filled with a collection of handmade goodies, all from our amazing artisans!

And all you have to do is show up to the market and give us your name and email address. That's it. Really. You don't even have to buy a raffle ticket. It's free! Just visit the market on the Second Saturdays of each month, and you could win a basket worth $250 of crafty goodness. We'll pick the winner that day and notify him or her through email. It's that easy. Seriously.

Look who's contributing in the raffle this month:
So, stop by the Ballston A&C Market on July 14th and enter to win this super-awesome gift basket!

Kosmoceratops - Art Squared - July 14

Kosmoceratops - Art Squared. Not only one of the coolest business names out there, but one of my favorite photographers, near and far.

Local picture-taker, Erica Kissinger, really manages to capture the playful humor of the every day in her colorful, unique photos. From attack toy sharks to dino couples in the sun, Kosmoceratops brings life to the things you may not have thought capable of emoting feelings.

And best of all, many of her images are recreated on blocks, so they are ready to adorn any lucky wall.

Check out Erica's artwork at the next Ballston A&C Market on July 14th!

Friday, June 15, 2012

Naked Decor - July 14th!

Awesomeness ... in pillow form. Naked Decor is all about design. And color. And just plain coolness. Take a look at their pillows. From wiener dogs to British adornments, Naked Decor can redecorate your place with a simple pillow.

July 14th will be their very first Ballston A&C Market, so get your ND pillow while they're around ... and believe me, they go fast!

Thursday, June 14, 2012

Cirello Jewelry - July 14th

Looking for super-cool, super-unique jewelry? Look no further than Cirello, a brand-new artisan at the Ballston A&C Market in July.

Cirello is inspired by life and culture, dedicated to quality craftsmanship, and the wellbeing of our environment. All of their stunning jewelry are handmade and selected pieces of reclaimed stainless steel. How awesome is that?

Plus, each piece comes with its on own box, box sleeve, locally harvested sage (!) and a Certificate of Authenticity. These folks sure know how its done. Nice work, Cirello.

Catch these pros at the next Ballston A&C Market on July 14th. 

Sunday, June 10, 2012

Saturday Show Wrap Up!

The Sunday after a Market always trips me out because I can't believe another month's show has come and gone -- and this one with awesome results, as usual. It was a gorgeous, sunny day (thanks again, Mother Nature!) and the crafters and shoppers were spinning. Not to mention the music. Mean Mary killed it!

Thank you, as always, to the many talented artists, the loyal visitors and wonderful supporters. Without you, our sweet community market would never be possible. We simply have the best artists in the area, hands down. Now, please. Go out and spread the word.

Check out some photos from the June 9th Market.

The Market! The Market!

sweet little fuzzies by Babus Toys

So cool, Nikdapooh Designs!

hoopin' with

Buttons, buttons, who's got the buttons? MurderMitten Creations.

Yep. Got this cute screenprint by Itty Bitty Press. Thanks, Bri!

Mean Mary KILLED it!

Dos Borreguitas. Muy awesome.

Drew Smith Photography was busy all day!

soapy goodness by Sweet Sally's Soaps

LOVE this sugar skull piece by Jenny Wren Jewelry

Nocitlua's pillows make me wanna take a nap in style!

Laughing Moon Artworks blurpin' rocks!

pretty designs by Sovereign Treasures

Kalise has the magic touch!

How cute are these plushies by Smorgasbored Boutique?!

See you all at the next Ballston A&C Market on July 14th!

Friday, June 8, 2012

The Ballston A&C Market is TODAY!

The Ballston A&C Market is TODAY! 

Now, I know the first rule in market weather is not talk about market weather, but it looks like its going to be a beautiful, warm and sunny day, perfect for some outdoor shopping.  Check it out yourself.

There'll be:
  • FREE admission 
  • live music by Mean Mary (noon - 2) 
  • FREE demos by select artists 
  • Delicious New Orleans style Po' Boys by Willie's Po' Boy
And let's see ... what else. Oh, yah. Only the best local art around - 35 artisans all in one place displaying and selling their hand-crafted goodies.   

So, get your Pops something different and special this Father's Day, and while your at it, pick up something cool for yourself at the Ballston A&C Market, TOMORROW, SATURDAY, JUNE 9th. 

The Ballston A&C Market is TOMORROW!!

Yippee! The Ballston A&C Market is tomorrow, June 9th, and we are super-dooper excited to bring you the best indie crafts around. Just take a sneak peak at some of the artisans who will be exhibiting all day, from 10am - 4pm right here, in Arlington. Sweet.


Dos Borriguitas

Murder Mittens

Karen Waltermire

Laughing Moon Artworks

Sweet Sally's Soaps

Smorgasbored Boutique

Lanyapi Designs

Fast Snail 


Linda Blackbourn Jewerly

Wow. I know. See you TOMORROW!!