Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Holland Cox - September 10th!

The bright colors, the vivid patterns -- I love Holland Cox!  And did you know that every handbag at Holland Cox is carefully handcrafted by designer Valerie Williams from her original patterns?

Each and every one is limited edition, so there will never be more than three of any colorway! You won't see Holland Cox handbags being carried by everyone. Nope. Only those who know why handmade is better than mass-produced, and why personal style is better than being trendy will sport a Holland Cox.

Then, pick up your own Holland Cox original at the next Ballston A&C Market on Saturday, September 10! 

Monday, August 29, 2011

Sneak Peak at the September 10th Market!

Only two more weeks until the September 10th Ballston A&C Market. I can't believe it's the second-to-last show of the season. When they say times flies, they aren't kidding. Anyway, you know what that means? It's sneak-peak time!

The BumbleBee Studio

Holland Cox

Lanyapi Designs

Nikdapooh Designs

Sande's Handmade Books


Emily Dolenz Photography

Ela's Fellas

Herban Lifestyle

Once Upon A Scrapbook

And remember, this is just a taste of the amazing artisans we have lined up for the next Ballston A&C Market on Saturday, September 10th. See you then!

Friday, August 26, 2011

Q&A with Jenny Wren Jewelry

1). I love how your jewelry is unique and well made, yet priced very reasonably!  How did you get into jewelry-making and the craft biz?  
I have always been imaginative and love collecting jewelry. Many years ago, a close friend gave me a pair of earrings for my birthday that I really liked. I asked her where she got them and she said, "I made them!" I was intrigued and asked her to show me how. I have been making jewelry ever since.

2). So, tell us about your business name, Jenny Wren. Is it a nod to Paul McCartney? ;)  
I have been asked that many times! Though I'm a big Beatles/Paul McCartney fan, I had not heard of that song. My name is Jenny and when I was young, my mom read me a story about a bird named Jenny Wren. She began calling me Jenny Wren, or Wren for short, from the time I was very young. I have a real fondness for that nickname so when I was thinking of the name for my business it came to mind early on. Also, since I'm a graphic designer, I knew I could do something interesting with a bird graphic, so I went for it.

3). What three words would you use to describe your craft?  
Wow...  that's a good question.  Today, I would have to say: eclectic, fun and inviting. On another day, I would most likely come up with different adjectives.

4). Your felt bracelets are just SO cool! What would you say is your most popular type of jewelry design?  
So glad you like the bracelets! They were my first foray into sewing and using felt in my jewelry and I really enjoy making those. My most popular jewelry design of late are my vintage button rings. I love making them: hunting for the perfect vintage buttons, working out the color, texture and size combinations, etc. I'm getting a lot of positive response to the rings. I love that they cover a wide generational demographic as the buttons are nostalgic for women my age and older and they also appeal, from a vintage perspective, for younger jewelry lovers.

5). Where can we find your craft outside the Ballston Arts & Crafts Market?  
I have a site on etsy, where there is a small selection of items for sale. But, you can see a much larger offering of my jewelry when I participate in local craft markets like Fenton Street Market, Handmade Mart and the Crafty Bastards Arts and Crafts Fair (held on October 1st this year).

Random bonus question: What’s in your pockets right now? Go!  
Today just a little pocket lint! On other days there would be a lucky penny I found on my walk to work or a broken piece of jewelry that I found on the sidewalk that I will make into some new creation!

Jenny Wren Jewelry will be exhibiting at the next Ballston A&C Market on Saturday, Semptember 10th!

Thursday, August 25, 2011

Moonlight Bindery - September 10th!

One of the things I love about the Ballston A&C Market is the diversity of of artists who visit little Arlington show each and every second Saturday of the month. We have original jewelry, organic soaps and lotions, screen-printing tees, handmade home decor, children's toys and unique bookbinding -- like Moonlight Bindery!

Check out Moonlight Bindery for yourself in this little video above taken by our friends at ArlingtonVirginia.com. Artist, Katie Wagner, chats about her famous Lego journals, which she is sure to bring with her to the next market on Saturday, September 10th!

Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Herban Lifestyle Returns on September 10th!

We missed you last month, Mary! But, here's the good news, everybody ... Mary and Herban Lifestyle returns to the next Ballston A&C Market on Saturday, September 10th.

Yep. The fuzzy soapsDirty Mind soap, doggy shampoo bar, organic yummy lip balmMan mustache palmade and much more will ALL be back at the upcoming market.

One month was too long. We need our Herban Lifestyle all-natural body care fix!

Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Ela's Fellas - September 10th!

Let's all welcome to Ela’s Fellas to the Ballston A&C Market!

Ela's Fellas offer eco-friendly, fine art-and-crafts inspired by creatures and products of nature in ornament form.

Now, ornaments are not just for Christmas anymore! Playful Fellas look great all year long hanging from a windowsill or door knobs. Plus, custom mobiles, Christmas chandeliers and individual Fellas are available upon request.

And all of Ela's collages are original multi-media pieces of affordable fine art. Say hello to all of the Fellas at the next Ballston A&C Market on Saturday, September 10th!

Friday, August 19, 2011

Babus Toys - September 10th!

Looking for something cool for those little nuggets in your life? Check out Babus Toys' hand-felted teething rings.

Dubbed, The Baby Chain, the yarn used is Eco Plus wool from Cascade. No chemical processing takes place and the dye uses far less rinse water than standard commercial yarn dyes. Sumptuously soft. It can be looped around a wooden teething ring or other toys with a wide ring. Then, slip it off when it's time for washing.

Get your own baby chain at the next Ballston A&C Market on Saturday, September, 10th!

Thursday, August 18, 2011

Welburn Sqaure is GREEN!

Did you know that the Ballston Arts & Crafts Market is an environment friendly event? Yep. Instead of using all conventional electricity, Welburn Square uses mostly solar power to keep the Market bright and our musicians plugged in.

Every little bit helps. And I'm just happy we're doing our part to keep Arlington a little greener

Jewelry Link - Returns October 8th!

Jewelry designer, Melanie Ferrara, designs and creates one-of-a-kind necklaces, bracelets, and earrings under the name Jewelry Link!

Melanie creates her wearable artwork using unique pieces of high-quality semiprecious stones, freshwater pearls, and sterling silver in unusual sizes, shapes and combinations. And she has recently expanded her collection with two new materials -- Italian-made woven metal (a completely new application she originated!) and "Mesh Nests,"very fun, very cool!

Melanie is practically a regular at the Ballston A&C Market and we're lucky to have her! Catch her new designs on Saturday, October 8th.

Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Purple Clover - September 10th!

At Purple Clover you will find one-of-a-kind eco-friendly home décor items, all lovingly handmade from repurposed materials.

From exquisite vintage maps and books to grimy leftover building materials, artist, Jennie Carmen, believes with a little polish and paint any item can be turned into a delightful new decoration for your home.

Wanna see Purple Clover's artwork in person? Catch the fantastic designs at the next Ballston A&C Market on Saturday, September 10th!

Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Lanyapi Designs - September 10th!

I have exciting news, everyone! Lanyapi Designs is back in the District and we have artist/designer, Daisy McClellan and her charming jewelry at the September 10th Ballston A&C Market!

Lanyapi Designs creates new and re-pursposed vintage jewelry inspired by nature, travel and romance.  Daisy believes everyone deserves a little something extra, so come inside her etsy shop or browse her blog. Discover what makes Lanyapi unique.

Lots of new surprises and baubles always popping up! Catch Daisy at the next Market on September 10th!

Monday, August 15, 2011

Saturday's Market was a Blast

Hey everyone! Did you get to make it out to the August 13th market? If you did, you were greeted with tons of amazing artwork an friendly faces ... and a little bit of rain. LOL!

But, the rain didn't stop us from having a blast. In fact, we kinda welcomed it. The rain cooled things off and the day was filled with great spirit.

Please enjoy some photos from Saturday and we'll see you back at the Ballston A&C Market on September 10th!

Tsai-fi's Dustbunny adorableness

Kaylala's Organic Apothecary's organic skincare line is fabulous. A must-have!

Love the colors of Wunder Around's glasswork

The fuzzy faces of FuzzyMug

MOTHERBORED was busy on Saturday!

Nikdaphooh Designs' "How to Train Your Dragon"

We <3 ScrapDC

Cups of colorful java by Artologica

Sequoyah's favorite piece by Drew Smith Photography
(Mine, too!) 


Ashley Buchanan Jewelry never ceases to amaze me. Just beautiful!

Udacha's urban pouches were a hit!

NAMOO! NAMOO! NAMOO! Speechless.

Pattern to the People's fairy-like rings are awesome

Autrefrois flowy and feminine skirts are just my style

Denie's Knits are crocheted perfection

BoxBoy is branching out ... BowlBoy?

We gave Yummy & Co some Ballston love with her unique jewelry creations

Thanks for joining us from B-more, Becca & Mars, with your lovely skincare products

Yah, Stitches & their stylish aprons

Hi from Red & Main

See you at the next Ballston A&C Market on Saturday, September 10th!

Friday, August 12, 2011

Ballston A&C Market TODAY!

Yah! It's gonna be a beautiful day TODAY -- 87 degrees and partly sunny! The perfect weather for a craft fair!

Spend a couple hours strolling along pretty Welburn Square  (aka The Ballston Circle), chatting & shopping at one of the things that makes Ballston special, the Ballston Arts & Crafts Market!

We're  the ONLY 100% handmade market in Arlington! So, come visit us! We'll be at the Sqaure from 10 AM - 4 PM doing what we do best -- delivering unique, handcrafted goodies to the people! And while your here, stop by the ScrapDC booth (Booth #25) and participate in their Make It Take It table, take a FREE yoga class (avalable noon - 2 PM) and listen to some awesome live music (noon - 2 PM).

And, of course, don't forget your wallet. There is some SERIOUS shopping to do here! See you later TODAY ...

Becca & Mars - Tomorrow August 13th!

When it comes to skincare products, people are becoming cautious of using chemical ingredients.  Steff and Erica, Becca & Mars founders, share that same concern. This led to the inspiration to develop a bath and beauty line using 100% natural products; nothing artificial.  Becca & Mars believe that nature creates the best ingredients.

Based out of Baltimore, their products are hand-crafted in small batches or made to order; therefore, they deliver the freshest quality product.  They use all natural ingredients,  glass jars and recycled packaging materials.  No mass-produced, plastic-wrapped and over-packaged items and no chemicals, parabens or artificial fragrances.  Nope! Becca & Mars is a vegan friendly company and currently 100% of their product line is vegan.

Let's give Becca & Mars a big Ballston welcome at the Ballston A&C Market TOMORROW - Saturday, August 13th! They will be in Booth #17! Come say Hi!

Thursday, August 11, 2011

FuzzyMug - August 13th!

Did you know yesterday was Spoil Your Pet Day? Well, I say we celebrate all week and continue with a personalized pet portrait by FuzzyMug!

FuzzyMug, creator, Brooke, is a professional graphic designer and business owner, not mention HUGE animal lover. In fact, Brooke says that owning three cats and three dogs were the inspiration behind FuzzyMug! 

You can really tell that love, time and patience goes into every one of Brooke's colorful pet portaits. Have one designed for your furry buddy at the Ballston A&C Market, THIS Saturday, August 13th

Find FuzzyMug in Booth #5 with her original tees, books, prints and more.

Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Exhibitor List for August 13th!

Yah! I'm so excited for Ballston A&C Market on August 13th. Check out the map and the awesome artisans we have lined up for THIS SATURDAY! See where your favorites will be exhibiting.

1). Tsai-fi
2). Nikdapooh Designs
3). Wunder Around
4). Yummy & Co. / JerseyGirlDesign
5). FuzzyMug
6). Avner Ofer Photography
8). Sharp Shirter
9). Love to Create
10). Jen-A-Fusion
11). Stitches
12). Red & Main
13). Ashley Buchanan Jewelry
14). Steven L. Miller Photography
15). NAMOO
16). Creative Art & Soul
17). Becca & Mars
18). Udacha
19). Box Boy Demented Decoupage
20). Pattern to the People
21). Fuzzy Ink
22). Anasstasia Designs
23). Autrefrois Designs
24). Denise Knits
25). ScrapDC
26). Artologica
27). AJ Bijoux
28). Drew Smith Photography
29). Grumpy Haters
30). Bette's Bags
31). Yinibini Baby
32). Katharine Watson
33). Melissa Lew
34). Kaylala's Organic Apothecary

FREE Eco-friendly Tote Bags SATURDAY - August 13th!

Don't forget to pick up your FREE eco-friendly tote bag THIS SATURDAY at the August 13th Ballston A&C Market!

Get one absolutely FREE!  Our friends at ArlingtonVirginia.com, Arlington’s Social Media Community, will be on hand with FREE eco-friendly tote bags for the first 50 visitors.

Now, you'll have something cool to carry all of the awesome new handmade goodies you buy at the Market on Saturday.

Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Yumy & Co. Joins the Market THIS SATURDAY - August 13th!

Woohoo! Yummy & Co. is joining the Ballston A&C Market THIS SATURDAY!

Everything at Yummy & Co. is one of a kind, original and handmade by artist/designer, Jennifer Wilfong. Jen's studio is based out of Hampden, one of Baltimore's quirkiest neighborhoods. This is where she creates her unique pieces of jewelry from recycled copper and clay.

Jennifer loves being able to create little pieces of art that anyone can afford and enjoy. And trust me--you will LOVE Yummy & Co.'s little pieces of art.

Let's give Yummy & Co. a big Ballston welcome this Saturday, August 13th at Wellburn Square (the Ballston Circle)!

FREE Yoga in the Square - August 13th!

Don't forget! Saturday at the August 13th Market, not only do we have an amazing array of talented artisans lined up for you, but Saffron Yoga will also be at the show from 12 noon to 2 PM with FREE yoga classes for the entire family.

Saturday, August 13th -- Crafts, music and yoga. What a great way to spend a Saturday afternoon!

Monday, August 8, 2011

The August 13th Market is THIS SATURDAY!

Summer sure is flying by! I  can't believe the August 13th market is THIS SATURDAY. That means it's sneak-peak time again. Check out the amazing artisans we have lined up for this weekend. As usual, get psyched because the talent is off the charts.

Red & Main

Anasstasia Designs

Autrefrois Designs



Alternative Histories


Kathatine Watson


Kaylala Organic Apothecary

Yinibini Baby


Ashley Buchanan Jewelry

Sharp Shirter

And, remember, this is only a sampling of the 35 artists we will hand on Saturday, August 13th at the Ballston Arts & Crafts Market. Come and support your local artists!