Monday, May 11, 2009

Opening Day Success!

Well, guys, give yourselves a round of applause. Thanks to you, the crafty vendors that you are, Opening Day in Welburn Square was a huge success. Folks turned out in record numbers to the Market not only because of the talent (that’s a given), but because you guys helped spread the word with your websites, facebook pages and street teams.

This season is off to an awesome start. If you have any creative ideas to make the market even better, let me know! Seriously. Drop me line. Let’s all work together to bring our Ballston Arts & Crafts Market to the next level.

Oh, and I have to give props to the weather, too. I think I may have even seen a bluebird!

Stay tuned to the blog for new pics of Opening Day!


Bette's Bags said...

It was a Great day for Bette's Bags! Weather was perfect and we enjoyed seeing and meeting all of the other vendors! Most importantly we had some return customer from last year come by and say "Hi". Looking forward to next month!