Friday, October 2, 2009

Weekend of Crafts!

It's like a crafty wonderland on October 3rd! So many options!

Check out Art on the Avenue in Del Ray Alexandria! Art on the Avenue is a festival celebrating the community’s diversity through the arts in the Potomac West area. Over 300 vendors and 40,000 visitors attend. (And that's where I'll be selling my little piggy banks!)

Over in DC, check out Crafty Bastards! Crafty Bastards is an exhibition and sale of handmade alternative arts and crafts from independent artists presented by the Washington City Paper.

And in Maryland, we have The Fenton Street Market, a new outdoor market in downtown Silver Spring, to celebrate the eclectic community.

All these events are rain or shine! Come get your craft on. Oh, but save some money for the Ballston A&C Market next week!


Anonymous said...

I thought I saw you there today, I wasn't sure if it was you, but I saw the piggy banks. I couldn't take a closer look because I had to get back to my booth. We had beautiful weather!

Ballston Farmers Market said...

Hi Adrienne!

Yep! I was there with my piggies. It was a wonderful show--very organized and fun. And the weather could't be beat. I hope we have that kind of weather this coming Saturday for the last Ballston show. Hope to see you there!