Friday, January 22, 2010

What a Great Artist Statement

Ya know, artist statements can be tough. But, I find it's best to keep them short, sweet and from the heart. I received one today from an talented artist that I would like to share with you. I hope it inspires the writer inside.

"I am originally from Jackson, Mississippi, where I studied fine art at Mississippi College and graduated with a Bachelor of Science -Art Education in 2004. I have painted and vended my works in Jackson Square, New Orleans and I still feel the influences of street jazz pulsating through my veins. In Mississippi, I was a vendor for the Jackson Farmers Market for 5 years and I taught art at Clinton High School for 3 years from 2005-2008. I am by no means formal. Color music, and spontaneous cathartic releases are my inspirations. I enjoy modern, contemporary, bold styles. Everything has personality to me. I can watch trees dance, leaves skip, and shadows creep. They all tell us something. Sometimes I’m lucky enough to capture what they say in a quick gesturing painting. That is when the artist inside of me smiles."

Nice work, Tuesday Tauchen!