Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Flash Mob in Ballston!

Join The Ballston Partnerhip, Bowen McCauley Dance and America's Got Talent Dance semi-finalists, The DC Cowboys for an energetic and fun public participation in the Flash Mob "street premiere" ofAbba favorite Mamma Mia on Sunday, May 2.

This Flash Mob experience is one of seven to take place in the area as part of Dance Metro DC "Dance Is The Answer" campaign - an annual convergence of dance-related events that includes performances, classes, video showings and other special happenings between April 15 and May 2 coinciding with National Dance Week.

Two Mamma Mia performances will take place on May 2 -- 1pm at Dupont Circle in DC and at 3pm at Ballston Common Mall. Flash mobs have become a world-wide phenomenon the last few years, with the age of viral videos and social networking. Dance/Metro DC in collaboration with some of the area's most creative choreographers, will create opportunities for potentially hundreds of men, women and children who want the thrill of dancing among the masses and sharing in a feel good public event. Through live rehearsals as well as well as on-line tutorials, the public is invited to take part in these Flash Mob dances that will be performed live from April 15 - May2, 2010. Online tutorial of Mamma Mia can be found HERE on YouTube.

Here's how it works: A choreograp
her creates a sequence of movements and demonstrates them in a video online. They also teach it live in pre-scheduled group rehearsals. Through digital networking, teaching the dance to others live, and spreading the word among friends by every means possible, the public makes sure the dance lives and thrives! As the actual live performance dates come near, the times will be posted at and Tweeted/Facebooked, along with a geographic location. Dancers show up, and it's a Mob of synchronicity, choreography and fun.