Friday, June 18, 2010

Q&A with Tuesday Tauchen

1). Your paintings are so colorful and happy. What inspires you when painting?

Thank you! For me, painting is a time when I can relax and let my thoughts and energy flow freely. Music is sooo important too … sometimes I find myself thoughtlessly dancing my brush around on the canvas to the sounds of some of my new favorite tunes.

I have always loved bright, bold colors and whimsical free-flowing designs, so these seem to sneak their way infectiously into my paintings until they dominate the entire idea!

Life can be demanding, and for me, art provides a sense of relief from that. I find inspiration in knowing that seeing my art might lift someone else’s spirits in the same way that painting it lifted mine.

2). I see from your website, you’re from Mississippi. How does the DC art scene compare to the scene down South?

The art scene is definitely different! You know, it seems with any larger city more opportunities, not only to display art, but to see a wide variety of art exist. The art museums in DC are AMAZING. I remember when I first moved here I just sat in the portrait gallery for about 30 minutes staring in awe at Peter Hurd’s Evening in the Sierra Buttes. Talk about breathtaking! So yeah, we don’t really have as many works like that in Jackson.

But in the South, we artists pride ourselves in having museums that honor the likes of George E. Ohr and Walter Inglis Anderson! In my opinion, we might not have the same amount of exposure to diverse art forms, but for the native area artists that we do have, a much deeper rooted and more personal appreciation seems to exist.

3). What three words describe your art?

Light. Free. Vivid.

4). What other interests do you have (besides painting!)?

Well, I moved to the VA/DC area to pursue my doctorate in clinical psychology. I have one more year of coursework for that! I also love to run (leisurely jogs to full-on marathons) and I’ve also taken up white water kayaking.

5). Where can we find your craft outside the Ballston Arts & Crafts Market?

I do have a two-piece showing at Mitre Corporation in Tyson’s Corner throughout the summer ... and at my house! Maybe when my ship comes in I'll have a spot at the Torpedo factory. ;)

Bonus question: Quick! What’s in your pockets right now?

Haha! A zip drive, a bottle cap and the inevitable FUZZ!!!

Find Tuesday Tauchen and her wonderful acrylic masterpieces at the Ballston A&C Market July 10, September 11 & October 9.