Tuesday, September 6, 2011

The BumbleBee Studio Returns THIS SATURDAY!

When you guys visit the Ballston A&C Market THIS SATURDAY, September 10th, you may wonder "Wow! Is Welburn Square known to smell the sweet, calming scent of lavender in the fall? Well, maybe not Ballston itself, but The BumbleBee Studio is! And when they exhibit at show, the entire market smells like lavender.

The BumbleBee Studio features natural, handcrafted artisan luxuries for bath, body and home. Each product is formulated with nature's finest plant & fruit oils & butters, pure essential oils and fresh botanicals.

Give the the gift of lavender to soothe the mind, body and soul. Perfect for that stressed-out someone in your life? Or maybe even yourself at the Ballston A&C Market THIS SATURDAY, September 10th.


:: Julie Diers :: said...

see you soon. buzzzz~~~~!! xoxox