Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Claymonster Pottery

I am so excited for the new season of the Ballston A&C Market I can't keep it in! I have to tell you all about it. And one of the reasons I am so psyched is because of all the awesome retutning artists, like BoxBoy Demented Decoupage, Bette's Bags, Red & Main and so many more.

I'm also excited about all of the newcomers who will be joining the show this year. One is pariticualr that I'm super-stoked for is Claymonster Pottery!

Rich Holt & Cat Audette Holt of Claymonster Pottery, hand-make whimsical, ceramic one-of-a-kind monster vessels and functional stoneware pottery with loads of personality.

Wanna blow your mind? Take a look at their gallery to get an idea of the critter creations they have brought to life.

Adopt one (or two!) at the Ballston A&C Market when they exhibit in May, June & August.