Friday, June 1, 2012

Father's Day Gift Guide for June 9th!

Father's Day is June 19th. If you are searching for a cool and totally unique gift idea for Dad on Father's Day look no further than a visit to the Ballston A&C Market on Saturday, June 9th! You may be surprised to find plenty of dude-related presents to choose from. Check it out!

Itty Bitty Press

Jon Wye

Steven L. Miller Words and Images

BoxBoy Demented Decoupage

Claymonster Pottery

Aw, Applesauce

Drew Smith Photography

Twisted Oak Press

Nikdapooh Designs

See you (and your wallets!) at the next Ballston A&C Market on Saturday, June 9th!


paul b. said...

I LOVE all these items ... too bad my Dad is SO conservative he wouldn't understand any of them. So, guess I'll just have to treat myself! BoxBoy's looking forward to June 9. Y'all come!