Monday, July 16, 2012

Saturday's Market Wrap Up!

Well, another month's show has come and gone -- and this one with amazing results, as usual. We were a little nervous early in the am, but once again, Mother Nature blessed us with a beautiful, sunny day. And, Ballston was out celebrating the warm weather!

Thank you, as always, to the many talented artists, the loyal visitors and wonderful supporters. And special thanks to YELP and their Pin the Mustache on the Hipster! Without you all, our sweet community market would never be possible. We simply have the best artists in the area, hands down. Now, please. Go out and spread the word.  And, check out some photos from the July 14 Market.

Becca Kallem's original, adorable illustrations

Ashleybug cleaned up with her organic bibs

 Pin the mustache on the hipster with Yelp!

Herban Lifestyle's brand-new packaging is crisp and colorful

Holland Cox continues to wow us with her handmade bags

Reinvented Elegance is back with their sparklies

Refined Creations famous leather & silver bands

Pillow happiness by Naked Decor

Gorgeous handcrafted scarves by The Scarf Ladies

Stunning handcut designs by Cirello

Cuddly (sort of!) monsters courtesy of Claymonster Pottery

Ribbony goodness by Froggy Pants Creations

BoxBoy Decoupage Mexican Skullery

Music by Folsom Prioners

Fast Snail was busy all day!

Hoopin' happiness with

Visit us again at the next show on Saturday, August 11th!