Sunday, August 12, 2012

Saturday's Market Wrap-Up!

What a wonderful Saturday we had at the Ballston Market. Great weather (thank you again, Mother Nature!), great people, great music and of course, great crafts. What more could we ask for? :)

Thank you, as always, to the many talented artists, the loyal visitors and wonderful supporters. And special thanks to SCRAP-DC and Sukyo Mahikari. Without you all, our sweet community market would never be possible. We simply have the best artists in the area, hands down. Now, please. Go out and spread the word.

And, check out some photos from the August Market.

Colors galore by Peace, Baby Batiks

Choosing your favorite by U.S. Toys is hard!

EHL Creations hard at work

Our July Raffle Winner!

Fun fabric belts by The Twisted Cow

Alex Vernon's Silhouettes Were a Hit!

Making bookmarks with SCRAP-DC 

Tsai-fi beauties


Jon Wye designing his famous belts

Fabric creations by Burnt Creative

A NYC Rat never looked so cute by RedStar East

J-Guden sounded amazing!

Peekaboo Meerkat by Nikdapooh Designs

Sweet Sally Soap-y goodness 

Aw.... Aw, Applesauce

 See you at the next Ballston Art Market on September 8th!