Monday, October 15, 2012

Thanks, Folks!

That's it folks. Another craft season at Ballston has come to a close once again. Thank you, thank you to all of the amazing people who have made our sweet community market one of the coolest destinations for the best crafters in this area. Period.

The wonderful Ballston BID, Kelly & The Shooshan Company, teh Piedmont Group the artists, the musicians, the shoppers, the supporters and whoever else is reading this post right now - THANK YOU. Here it is. Sweet. Simple. To the point. There would be no Ballston Arts Market without you.

Please enjoy some photos from our last market of 2012. Now, here's to a bigger, brighter and even craftier 2013!!

Penny & Paul keeping things warm

awesome display by Sarah Cecelia

 Red Prairie Press - LOVE it

Grey Moggie Press - Here's to 2013!

green all the way with Becca & Mars 

more of Fast Snail's fantastic designs

Snowday Designs colorful plushies

collars, collars & more collars by Furtastic

Market fave Snakehead Run - We love 'em!

the guys of Threesound

Creative Capes hard at work

Halloween fun with Peace, Baby! Batiks

Stay classy, Arlington.


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