Monday, June 1, 2009

The First of June

Is it me or do you also get a really cool feeling when June 1st hits? Maybe it's because I think of June as the prettiest month of the year, or maybe it's because my birthday is in June (the 7th, ya'll!) or maybe it's just because I can take long evening walks with my dog, Scout, and it doesn't get dark until 9:00!

Just thought I'd share some good vibes ... Are you guys gearing up for the June 13th market? Once again, I'm pysched.


Anonymous said...

I went to Ballston Craft Market a couple times last year and was thinking of signing up this year as a vendor but it didn't work out (Hopefully next year!!). But I just wanted to comment about the updates on the blog, I like how there are more posts and updates than there were last year and I like being informed about other events in the area, wether through this one or a link from an artists' blog that was showcased here. Thanks and keep up the good work!

Ballston Farmers Market said...

Thanks Adrienne! My goal is to keep artists and art-lovers in the know about cool, crafty events in the area, including--of course-- the Ballston A&C Market. :)

And I love feedback, so please feel free comment away! Oh, and check us out June 13th and say Hi! (I'm the short blonde girl, named Jess ...)