Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Q&A with Don Becker

Our first interview is with the Puppet Master himself, Don Becker.

1). What three words best describe your craft?
Unique. Encompassing. Playful.

2). Who (or should I say what) influences you?
The shape of the clay as I start molding it around is how most of the figures get started. As I mush and shape it, a face starts appearing and then it all starts from there. Lord knows where the initial thought comes from! From that point it probably from somewhere deep in my head! HAHA!

3). My favorite puppet of yours is the troll-like creature with the golden orb. (Soon he shall be mine!) Do you have a personal favorite?
I can't say I have a personal favorite. There are a few that I am proud of after I made them because of some technical thingy that I figured out or some kind of look that I was able to achieve.

4). You have a rather impressive client base, including The Smithsonian. I have to ask: What did you create for them?
I have built figures for the Discovery Theatre and at the American History Museum I built some figures at the beginning of the "American at War" exhibit (I think that is what it is called). It is kinda of a Punch and Judy show, you press the button and the figures move talking about the tea tax.

5). Where can we find your craft outside the Ballston Arts & Crafts Market?
I have just started doing the craft shows again so we shall see. I am sure an Internet presence is in the future. [http://www.dbpuppet.com/gallery.htm]

Find Don Becker Puppets at Booth #16 on June 13th!