Monday, July 27, 2009

Q&A with Reinvented Elegance

This week, The Ballston Arts & Carfts Market is psyched to interview Joyce Wagner, owner of Reinvented Elegance. Great stuff, Joyce!

1). I can see you are inspired by nature, flowers specifically. Without giving away your beloved secret spots, are a lot of your flowers found close by?
Absolutely! I think the wild flowers (aka weeds!) are often the most beautiful, so I have a way of finding flowers (and leaves) everywhere. (It's beginning to be rather a curse on my jogging efforts ... but does inspire me to get out there and exercise -- ha!)
2). How many years have you been in the crafter biz?
About 5, but I've loved to make things since I was little. As a child, the girls in our neighborhood would take turns picking activities to do together. Many of the others loved parading around in ball gowns (I was always tripping on the hem of mine, and hated wearing it like the dickens!) But when it was my turn, we would make things out of leaves, sticks, and rocks -- they probably didn't enjoy that, but of course I was in heaven! I also revelled in making mud pies in my side yard, decorating them with Dogwood berries, and baking them on my aluminum slide; naturally, I didn't even try to talk the others into that pursuit! (I once was forced to defend my unbaked mud pie creations from an extremely bossy neighbor girl with new white shorts ... not exactly a happy ending for either of us!)

3). You also create wonderful jewelry and mosaic tables (my favorite!). Do you have a favorite?
You are so kind to like the mosaic tables -- thank you. For me, my creations are like my children: it would be impossible to pick a favorite! I love making each one, and often joke that since each piece is created with such happiness, perhaps it will bring good luck to the recipient. Well, we can only hope, anyway! :)

4). What three words would you use to describe your craft?
Happy, whimsical, and green. Also fun, but that, of course, would be an extra word!

5). Where can we find your craft outside the Ballston Arts & Crafts Market?
The American Market at National Harbor (all other Saturdays except for Ballston through September 5th); the Columbia Pike Farmers' Market (most Sundays); and the wonderful shop, A Show of Hands, in Del Ray (Alexandria, VA).

And, if you don't mind, this would also be a terrific opportunity to send my fantastic husband Derrick a gigantic shout-out for everything he does to nurture me and my business, from putting up with my attacks of the nerves before markets (I confess that selling makes me nervous) to his invaluable help with all the setting up and taking down, etc. I'm also so fortunate to have five kind and supportive children, all of whom have been great Market Assistants on numerous occasions, not to mention the grace they have exhibited in enduring the smells of botannicals curing in my microwave flower press. I'm very blessed, too, by my loving and creative mom and inspired by my talented artist friends. (OK, I'll stop now!) Seriously, thank you so much for featuring me in this blog interview, Jessica; I really appreciate it. :)

My pleasure, Joyce.