Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Grumpy Haters!

This is awesome. The applications keep rolling in! (If you haven't sent yours in, now's the time!)

I just received an app from a Ballston A&C Market newbie--Grumpy Haters! Her plusies are hysterical! You have to check them out. But what I what found the most fun was her sense of humor. If you need any inspiration for a artist statement (or life in general), just see below.

"Grumpy Haters came into being thanks to a few years of selling on Etsy. Anyone who does knows it can be a somewhat, well, there are days where chewing glass might be a more productive and pleasant experience. But we stay. Muddle on.

Life as a dewy eyed seller is short. One day you are Twittering like a slap happy ding dong and the next thing you know, your cheery little wrapper is crumpled and your sweet, sweet icing lies on the floor like so much Dexter splatter.

Grumpy Haters both bemoans and celebrates a sellers fate with everything we make. It's a difficult transition, let Grumpy Haters help you through this most difficult time. Allow us to provide you with companions who understand what you are going through and who don't mind when you hurl them across the room in frustration or despair.

Grumpy Haters is really for anyone who can see the humor in continuing to do anything occasionally akin to poking yourself with a stick because somehow, you still have hope. Plus, you like to make stuff. And the money is no slap in the face either, is it? Grumpy Haters promises to never, ever tell you to 'Keep Calm and Carry On' but rather embraces the occasional and well deserved seller freak out.

Grumpy Haters understands. "

Well said, Grumpy Haters. Well said indeed.