Thursday, February 11, 2010

Melissa Lew Bradford on Thrillist

Yet another Ballston Arts & Crafts Market artist has made the likes of Thrillist. Congrats, Melissa Lew Bradford.

Check out her article below!

"Because you’d better buy her something, head to Thrillist’s V-Day Gifting HQ for more ideas"

This Herndon-based crafts-chick tinkers out damn classy jewelry, broken into two categories: "Fine Silver Creations", which includes the likes of the pink-ruby-inlaid Cherry Blossom Bracelet, and "Wearable Art", with Eastern-inspired bamboo pendants featuring everything from butterflies, to goldfish, to a pair of magpies, which apparently "symbolize marital love". So goldfish it is.

These things win awards at bead festivals, so you know they're legit. Check them out at Dekka, or at"

Way to go, Melissa.