Tuesday, June 7, 2011

UglyKittyReduex Q&A

1). Recycled. Reclaimed. Reused. Your jewelry designs (for both men & women!) are very clever. Tell us what inspired you to start creating with all repurposed patterns.  
I started collecting security envelopes after I had seen several artists making card and buttons out of them. Specifically, Sweetie Pie Press was working on a project to make an art installation using only buttons made from security envelopes. I was fascinated by all the patterns and started collecting them. After a while, I had a box of used envelopes and no (original) ideas. I can't remember the exact process that lead me to jewelry, but I'm pretty sure that it was my mom who picked one up said, "Wouldn't this be a pretty necklace?"

2). Apart from creating, what do you do?  
By night, I'm a crafter-extreme (of course), but by day, I'm a full-time Environmental Scientist-extreme. I work for a small consulting company in Annapolis, Maryland and mostly perform compliance work for the Government. I also love to bake and I'm slowly learning how to cook. Other than that, I'm a huge nerd who likes spending my time with my husband, spoiling my 2.75 cats (one only has three legs), and alternate watching The Simpsons and Planet Earth DVDs.

3). Okay. You knew it was coming. Please tell us about your adorable cat, Quasi—the inspiration for your logo, I believe!  
I found Quasi on petfinder.org at a shelter in Annapolis shortly after I moved to Maryland in 2005. As soon as I saw her, I wanted to make sure she had a home first, whether I was the one who adopted her, or if someone got her before I did. When I arrived at the shelter, she was sitting in the middle of a giant food bowl with all the other cats eating around her. I was in love and she had to come home with me. Quasi was found as a stray so no one really knows what happened to her. A vet checked her out and other than some in-grown eyelashes that were corrected, she was deemed healthy. The going theory is that she has a cleft pallet/lip that never got corrected and connects to her eye.  

4). What three words would you use to describe your craft?  

Creative, clean and graphic

5). Where can we find your craft outside the Ballston Arts & Crafts Market?  
Currently my jewelry is available at http://uglykittyredeux.etsy.com and I've been consigning work at the Mystic Mermaid in Norfolk, VA. I'm looking to do more consignment and wholesale in the future and am working on a wholesale catalog, but it's still a work in progress. I travel a lot during the summer for work, but I usually try to do several holiday craft markets as well. I would tell you which ones, but the applications aren't out yet!

Catch UglyKittyReduex at the BallstonA&C Market THIS SATURDAY, June 11th in Booth #19! Her cuff links make great Father's Day gifts!