Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Q&A with The BumbleBee Studio

1). The Bumble Bee Studio is such a cute name. Is there a story behind it or, simply a love of bumblebees?

The bumblebee is very symbolic. According to 20th century folklore,the laws of aerodynamics prove that they should be incapable of flying, yet they do it anyway! So, for me, the bumblebee represents the notion we can accomplish anything that we set our minds to, even that which we are told is impossible!

2). So, what’s with all the lavender? Explain to us the benefits.

Known as a balancing herb, lavender provides relaxation and melts away stress. It can be used as a spiritual pick-up to help chase away the blues. Its beautiful scent is thought to enhance romantic desire, ease the symptoms of irritability, tension, fatigue and anxiety. Lavender can also relax, calm and ease pain in the body and the spirit.

3). What three words describe your craft?

Soothing, Renewing, Balancing and Pampering. Ooops … that is not three!

4). You were asked to be one of the exclusive boutique vendors to hand out swag at the Oscars. Tell us what that experience was like.

It was surreal. Very overwhelming, expensive, over-stimulating and tiring … but so worth it! I met some lovely people, made some great contacts, had a lot of laughs and was hugged three times by Sheila E. It was a good day.

5). Where can we find your lavender products outside the Ballston Arts & Crafts Market?

My products can be found on line by visiting me at or, at the Artful Gift Shop in Vienna, Virginia, Spa 29 in Atlanta, Georgia and as far as Impact Gallerie in Montreal, Canada. (Just in case you happen to be in Canada or feel like traveling there to see the full line of BEE products!)

Bonus question: Quick! What’s in your pockets right now?

LAVENDER … I never go anywhere without it! Actually, I am still putzing around the house in my PJs … no pockets. (So great to work from home!)