Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Q&A with Jewelry Link

1). Please tell us a little bit about yourself and your craft. What sets you apart from other jewelers?
I am a former teacher and have always been involved in the arts and design with my students and in my personal life. I enjoy the creative process and find that making jewelry fulfills that
passion. It seems there are literally endless possibilities when designing jewelry that I find very rewarding and great fun. I think my pieces are quite unique and I am often told, “Your work is so different. You have a great eye.” Part of the difference is that my one-of-a-kind designs are statement pieces. I look for unusual stones in various shapes and sizes and have all my collections of silver, fresh water pears, semi precious stones, etc. at a glance in my studio and then ... let the designs begin!

2). I notice that many jewelers are inspired by nature. How about you? What inspires you when you are designing?
Women inspire me. I want to make women look great and feel great. I have to say I’m delighted to see that my jewelry appeals to all ages. I have many women in their 20s buy my designs as well as gals in their 80s! I feel it’s important to address the experience of becoming “invisible” as we get older (these days over 35 it seems!). That’s why I make statement jewelry. It’s one of the answers to that phenomenon. By accessorizing with interestingly designed necklaces that add sparkle and impact, it says, “Here I am and I’m important, powerful and gorgeous” at any and every age.

Of course, the natural stones inspire me as well. I follow their lead and always try to create something that is beautiful, unusual, wearable, timeless and of course bold. I have started a new Woven Metal Collection for which the Italian woven metal fiber was my inspiration. I just felt it had such potential and possibility. I have experimented quite a bit and think I have created a very new look.

3). What three words would you use to describe your craft?
Bold, unique and fabulous.

4). I see on your website you do a lot of custom work. Do you have a favorite piece that you designed for someone?
It’s fun to design for a particular wish or occasion. My client and I collaborate and then I get to create. I have enjoyed the look on the faces of my clients when they see the piece
I have created. I also do “Reinvintage Designs” where I create new necklaces using jewelry from one’s bits and pieces of jewelry from long ago, sentimental family “treasures”, etc. I redesign necklaces and bracelets adding some new elements and the finished product is new and old and very special. I had one client who had a box of mixed jewelry from her mother. She didn’t really like anything in particular as they were but wanted her four daughters to have something from grandmother. So I took everything apart, added some of my own stones, etc. and created five new necklaces. She was thrilled (and so was I).

5). Where can we find your art outside the Ballston Arts & Crafts Market?
I live in Arlington, so it’s not unusual for clients to come to my home studio. I can be reached through my email, My website is a good place to start browsing even though I have many more pieces from which to choose. I also do various local craft shows -- McLean Holiday Show, Flower Mart at the National Cathedral, office and home shows. I sell in a boutique in Montecito, CA, Chateau’s in Fairfax and several other locations in the area. I just completed an order for my Woven Metal Collection from the National Building Museum’s Museum Store in DC!

Bonus question: Quick! What do you have in your pockets right now?
My pockets are empty but my collar and wrists are fully accessorized!