Thursday, October 28, 2010

Udacha's Urban Holsters

Being involved in a bunch of different markets in the Metro area, I see a lot of cool stuff. But once in awhile, I see something that is so innovative and just plain awesome, it rocks my socks.

Take Udacha, (Ukrainian for "good fortune") for example! Artist/designer, Kate Krezel, turns the fanny pack up to a new level. In fact, I wouldn't even refer to these babies as fanny packs ... they're more like soft, fashionable belt purses or belt pouches ... or bouches! Kate cleverly calls them "urban holsters."

Anyway, they are fabulous and Ballston--you're in luck! Udacha will be one of the awesome 15 exhibitors in the Ballston Holiday Artist Boutique on December 2nd.

So, stop by and get all of your Holiday shopping in one place, and buy 100% handmade by 100% local artisans.