Tuesday, July 12, 2011

July's Market was SO Much Fun!

Not much to say really ... except that Saturday's market was AWESOME! The weather was bright and sunny, the visitors were aplenty, the band was so much fun and the art was fantastic (of course!).

Thanks go out to you all who braved the annoying construction. That was a weird surprise, but whatevs. It really didn't effect things much.

The Ballston A&C Market continues to succeed and thrive thanks to YOU the talented artisans and wonderful supporters. Now, check out some photos from July's show.

One word: NAMOO. Amazing.

We LOVE Valerie & her handmade Holland Cox bags!

Jill Popowich Designs in Metal & Design by Night hard at work. Hope you had fun B-more!

Amy Manson Pottery is so cool and unique

Diversion Designs has much more than shoulder bags ... but I love this design

Poraroid jewelry at its best by jerseymaids

A fanciful design by Beep's Peeps. I think I may own them all!

Fuzzy goodness by Market regular, Herban Lifestyle

Look at this pretty, smooshy face!

So many beautiful crocheted items to choose from coutesy of YarnChef Creattions

Thank you eveyone for my AMAZING and artistic baby gifts!

Katie & Logan sounded sooooooo good.

Yep. It's a Griffin. And it's all mine from Red & Main. THANKS, Meg!

Pretty.Hot.Hoops were hoopin' all day!

Tons of sparkling goodies were a hit from love & glitter

It's Liz from Fast Snail. Hi, Liz!

See you all at the next Ballston A&C Market on Saturday, August 13th!


namoo said...

Nice pictures! Thanks for organizing this fantastic handmade market. It was a great day!