Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Q&A with FuzzyMug

1). I am a HUGE animal-lover, too! Maybe that’s part of the reason I am so drawn to your work. Tell us a little bit about how you started FuzzyMug and why. 
I don't know. I've just always been an "animal person." We grew up with lots of pets and I have always felt a special bond to them. When I graduated from college, I started volunteering for The Maryland SPCA in Baltimore and now have three rescue dogs and three cats of my own. FuzzyMug really started when I made a set of note cards for my friend for Christmas 2009. I had taken a really great photo of her dog and wanted to do something special with it and sort of figured out the portrait process I use right there. Once other people saw the note cards, and it just sort of took off and orders started coming in. Most of my friends have pets, too, so it wasn't hard to find my audience.

2). What has been your biggest crafting achievement, so far?
I really love being able to give back and help shelters across the U.S. I send out a lot of Custom Portrait gift certificates for silent auctions and raffles to raise money for animals in need. It's pretty rewarding to be able to help so many different organizations who are doing their best to help animals in need. I am also pretty proud of the DIY screen printing set up I have going in my garage. I took screen printing in college but had to turn to YouTube for a refresher when I decided to take it up again last spring. It's amazing what you can learn by searching YouTube!

3). What three words would you use to describe your craft? 
Fuzzy. Good. Design.

4). Who are your favorite crafters?
I'm a member of Baltimore Etsy Street Team (BEST) and have to say that it is really a talented bunch. I am a sucker for beautiful design and the great attention to detail that's exhibited in Jill Popowich's jewelry designs. I also love the soft colors, geometric patterns and gorgeous craftsmanship in NAMOO's work. I can't make jewelry or sew, so I am fascinated by what they are able to create since I really have no idea how they do it!

5). Where can we find your craft outside the Ballston Arts & Crafts Market?  
We love Fenton Street Market in Silver Spring and are there quite a few times a year and always have FuzzyMug stuff available on Etsy and at Marlow, McCrystle & Jones Florist in Lutherville, MD.  

Random Bonus Question: Who would win in a fight--a yeti or a ninja panda?  
Going to have to go with Yeti. Seems like he could move a little faster.