Monday, August 15, 2011

Saturday's Market was a Blast

Hey everyone! Did you get to make it out to the August 13th market? If you did, you were greeted with tons of amazing artwork an friendly faces ... and a little bit of rain. LOL!

But, the rain didn't stop us from having a blast. In fact, we kinda welcomed it. The rain cooled things off and the day was filled with great spirit.

Please enjoy some photos from Saturday and we'll see you back at the Ballston A&C Market on September 10th!

Tsai-fi's Dustbunny adorableness

Kaylala's Organic Apothecary's organic skincare line is fabulous. A must-have!

Love the colors of Wunder Around's glasswork

The fuzzy faces of FuzzyMug

MOTHERBORED was busy on Saturday!

Nikdaphooh Designs' "How to Train Your Dragon"

We <3 ScrapDC

Cups of colorful java by Artologica

Sequoyah's favorite piece by Drew Smith Photography
(Mine, too!) 


Ashley Buchanan Jewelry never ceases to amaze me. Just beautiful!

Udacha's urban pouches were a hit!

NAMOO! NAMOO! NAMOO! Speechless.

Pattern to the People's fairy-like rings are awesome

Autrefrois flowy and feminine skirts are just my style

Denie's Knits are crocheted perfection

BoxBoy is branching out ... BowlBoy?

We gave Yummy & Co some Ballston love with her unique jewelry creations

Thanks for joining us from B-more, Becca & Mars, with your lovely skincare products

Yah, Stitches & their stylish aprons

Hi from Red & Main

See you at the next Ballston A&C Market on Saturday, September 10th!