Friday, August 12, 2011

Becca & Mars - Tomorrow August 13th!

When it comes to skincare products, people are becoming cautious of using chemical ingredients.  Steff and Erica, Becca & Mars founders, share that same concern. This led to the inspiration to develop a bath and beauty line using 100% natural products; nothing artificial.  Becca & Mars believe that nature creates the best ingredients.

Based out of Baltimore, their products are hand-crafted in small batches or made to order; therefore, they deliver the freshest quality product.  They use all natural ingredients,  glass jars and recycled packaging materials.  No mass-produced, plastic-wrapped and over-packaged items and no chemicals, parabens or artificial fragrances.  Nope! Becca & Mars is a vegan friendly company and currently 100% of their product line is vegan.

Let's give Becca & Mars a big Ballston welcome at the Ballston A&C Market TOMORROW - Saturday, August 13th! They will be in Booth #17! Come say Hi!