Friday, May 4, 2012

Freund 'n' Friends (&Manatees!) - May 12th!

If baby smiles, free swag and an artist raffle aren't enough to entice you to spend the day before Mother's Day with us on May 12th, maybe manatees are enough to get your attention!

Yep. On May 12th, we'll will have MANATEES ... well, awesome photographs of manatees by Freund 'n' Friends, anyway.

Gloria Freund travels the world in search of cool encounters with critters big and small. And through her adventures, she captures these animals doing what they do best ... living peacefully among us.

Visit the cows, blowfish, farm cats and, of corse, manatees, all happily living under one booth -- Freund 'n' Friends -- at the Ballston A&C Market Opening Day celebration on Saturday, May 12th!