Monday, May 14, 2012

Opening Day Wrap Up - What Fun!

Whew! What a day it was. Beautiful weather, incredible crafts, awesome music and the best shoppers. What more can we ask for?

Opening Day of the Ballston A&C Market was a HUGE success thanks to YOU, the talented artists and the wonderful visitors. And we have to thank the Mother Nature, too, for blessing us with the most gorgeous day, blue skies and all.

Check out some pics from our celebration. And, don't forget, we do this the SECOND SATURDAY of every month in the summer. See you soon -- June 9th!

Claymonster coolness - wow!

New designs by Melissa Lew

Herban Lifestyle's well-known (bright!) fuzzy soap

David Jenkin's Papercutting was getting a lot of buzz

DC pride by Fast Snail

Octopi? Ocutopusses? Babus Toys, help us out!

Perfect music by René Moffatt complimented this perfect day

Jon Wye's booth making the famous belts!

How could you pass up this cute little guy by Red & Main?

LOVE Kosmoceratop's photography!

More plushy goodness by RedStar East

Goin' bananas with Brighter Day Beads

Hook, line and sinker! Sarah Cecilia's pretty jewelry!

Somewhere in the crowd is artist, April Alayne

Color by Warped!

Lanyapi Designs for Mother's Day

Bows, bows & more bows from Froggy Pants Creations

Spreading positive energy with Sukyo Mahikari

See you at the next Ballston A&C Market on Saturday, June 9th!