Friday, May 11, 2012

Sukyo Mahikari Spreading Positive Energy - TOMORROW!

Ya know what? I almost forgot to mention something pretty cool about tomorrow. Sukyo Mahikari will be at the Market tomorrow to spread positive energy -- literally!

Transform yourself.  Transform the world. Sukyo Mahikari is a subtle energy practice through which you can receive a positive, relaxing and spiritual energy called, "Light" that is transmitted from the hand of practitioner.

Experience shows that by receiving Light you can revitalize your spirit, mind and body.  By giving Light and practicing principles of harmonious  living, you can profoundly transform your life.

Members of the Washington DC center will demonstrating the Light at the Ballston A&C Market's Opening Day celebration, TOMORROW, May 12th for anyone who would like to receive it.

If you have questions please contact the Center at (202) 328-5903 or