Sunday, August 15, 2010

August 14th A&C Market!

In June it felt like August and in August it felt like June. No complaints here though! The weather was beautiful! With the 85-degree day and no humidity, it was literally THE perfect day for a Market.

And the steady stream of visitors seemed to agree! Great weather, great music and, of course, great artists make for a great Market. Thanks again to everyone who participated this month. I said it before and I'll say it again, we have the best vendors and the show would not rock as hard as it does without you.

Here's some photos from yesterday's market!

Polaroid pendants by Jerseymaids

Marisa Molinaro's amazing glassware & more!

My favorite regular, Penelope

The many colors of CHill Woodturning

Narwhale-y goodness by Mint Parcel

Lazy Dog Art captures the exuberance of a Great Dane puppy

Herban Lifestyle is ALL organic

Snakehead Run - our AMAZING jug band!

Greetings from Fast Snail

Our awesome volunteers, Kai-Lan & Emma Rose. Thanks, guys!

Purple. Octopus. Love. Nikdapooh Designs.

So much heavenly lavender by The BumbleBee Studio

Lucia from bLuGrn design busy at work

Fluffy bunnies by FroggyPants Creations

Funky bags by Jen-A-Fusion

See you all at our next market on September 11th!


Anonymous said...

I had a blast at the show. Great customers and wonderful company,you put together a really quality show!!!

:: Julie Diers :: said...

GREAT show jennifer. you are amazing....and you put on a rockin show~~! thank you. the BEE and i will see you next month~~! buzzzzz. xoxooxo