Monday, August 9, 2010

Q&A with Refined Creations

1. The fact that you use PMC (precious metal clay) definitely sets you apart from many other jewelers. Please tell us more about this unique medium.

Precious Metal Clay (PMC) is a revolutionary material invented by Mitsubishi Corporation and is available in pure silver, 24K gold, bronze and copper. In simple terms, PMC is manufactured from very tiny particles of pure silver mixed with water and an organic binder that produces a malleable, clay-like material. After kiln-firing, the clay fuses into a piece of solid silver that is 99.9% pure – more pure than sterling silver which contains elements of copper. Most PMC comes from recycled precious metals.

2. It seems to me you are inspired by nature and nature's elements. Would that be a correct assumption?

Yes, most definitely. PMC has a very rustic, organic look to it anyway which only enhances the natural designs I like to use. I use only molds I make myself, free form it or hand carve it. And many pieces bear words of wisdom or inspiration.

3. Besides PMC, what other “ingredients” do you use to create your jewelry?

I have really gotten into setting natural stones into the PMC. Natural stones can't be fired or they would be destroyed by the heat so it’s more of a challenge to create the setting before firing. Lab created stones can be put into the PMC before firing, but I prefer to use natural stones.

I also use a lot of leather with my PMC. The simplicity of the silver suspended on a piece of ultra soft suede is irresistible and really practical. It’s really important to me to create jewelry that is affordable, practical and, at the same time, a wearable piece of art.

4. What three words would you use to describe your craft?

Just three words? Hmm … Rustic. Organic. Inspirational.

5. Where can we find your PMC jewelry outside the Ballston Arts & Crafts Market?

Currently, my jewelry can be seen and purchased at:

Find Refined Creations at the August 14th Ballston Arts & Crafts Market in Booth #13.