Monday, August 2, 2010

Q&A with Monica Fiorella Jewelry

1). Please tell us a little bit about yourself and your craft. What sets you apart from other jewelers?

Yes, there are a lot of jewelers out there, so it’s important to me to have a unique style. I primarily create wire-wrapped jewelry. This means I bend, twist and s

hape metal wire with stones and crystals. I make scroll and spiral designs with the wires then use these to create patterns with symmetry. I consider my designs wearable art. At first it seemed funny to me to think of myself as an artist since I majored in mathematics and engineerin

g in college. But almost as soon as I picked up that pair of pliers, I knew I had found my calling. The right side of my brain wakes up when I pick up these jewelry tools, bringing a balance and joy to my life, which shows in my creations. Making jewelry calls to the artist portion of my soul. In the magic of inspiration, colors come alive, wires dance, stones shine and lustrous pearls seem to smile. I hope that my customers find as much joy in the wearing as I find in bringing the piece to life.

2). You work with a lot of beautiful precious stones, like blue onyx, rainbow jasper and yellow turquoise. Do you have a favorite?

There are so many pretty gemstones, it’s hard to choose just one! Three of my favorites are blue onyx, leopard jasper and ametrine stones. Blue onyx is a fantastically brilliant indigo stone. It really stands out and I use this stone to make a piece really pop out and capture your attention. I like leopard jasper for it’s cool patterns. Its marks look like a leopard’s spots. It’s very cool to look at! Finally, ametrine is pretty cool because it is a natural stone that is a mix of amethyst and citrine. So it’s partly violet from the amethyst and partly yellow from the citrine.

3). What inspires you when you are designing?

I take inspiration from so many things. I like to travel, so the cultures, places and things I see in my trips are inspirations. I love bright colors and flowers. I mix and match the colors of gemstones such that they remind me of the flower gardens or bouquets. I use these inspirations and my imagination to find the potential of the materials, of the stones and the wire in order to create a beautiful piece.

4). What three (or four!) words would you use to describe your craft?

Wearable Art. My pieces are unique with the artistry of blending colors, patterns and textures such that they accentuate the grace of a lady’s body.

Charming. I try to make every piece attractive, enchanting and eye-catching.

Feminine. I’m uncovering more of my femininity through the process of creating. My jewelry is made for the confident woman who wants to show she’s feminine.

5). Where can we find your jewelry outside the Ballston Arts & Crafts Market?

I also sell on etsy. Also, one Sunday a month, I have a booth at Eastern Market in Washington, DC.

Bonus question: So, ninja pandas or a yeti. Who would win?

Definitely ninja pandas!

Check out Monica Fiorella Jewelry at the Ballston Arts & Crafts Market August 14th!


Brig said...

Beautiful work! I love Monica's style and color choices. Thanks for sharing.