Thursday, January 6, 2011

Brighter Day Beads - Bringing the Happy

If you're ever having a tough day, look toward Brighter Day Beads to cheer you up! Carolyn Raich's sweet, youthful designs always seem to put me in a good mood.

And she has so many adorable beaded designs to choose from--wide-eyed puppies, Alice in Wonderland with a kawaii spin, chubby hamsters ... and even designs for the boys: robots, monkeys, etc. And each piece is double-sided. Bonus!

Brighter Day Beads is also available for necklace-making parties. This is a fun and unique activity for children age 6 through teens. Carolyn brings all the supplies needed to your home or venue and helps your guests design and create their own beautiful wrap necklaces!

Let the Brighter Day begin!